The FOMOGOAT collection is a collection of 10,000 time traveling goats living on the Polygon blockchain here to take over the Metaverse.


Unique Assets



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Private Minting

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Public Minting

About Us

What Are Fomo Goats?

FOMOGOATS are 10,000 unique goats from the future that traveled back in time for one simple reason, the Fear Of Missing Out. In the future they recognized that the years 2020-2050 billionaire’s were being made and if only their families would have taken action, they would be wealthy beyond all means. That’s when they devised a plan to go back in time and create a private club of 10,000 like-minded goats to create generational wealth. DON’T FOMO, BECOME A GOAT.


There are no bonding curves here. Buying a FOMO GOAT costs 0.06 ETH. There are no price tiers; FOMO GOAT membership costs the same for everyone.

Mint These Goats!

Legendary Goats

Bronze Goat

10k will be sent to the wallet that mints the BRONZE Goat.

Silver Goat

20k will be sent to the wallet that mints the SILVER Goat.

Gold Goat

50k will be sent to the wallet that mints the GOLD Goat.

Diamond Goat

100k will be sent to the wallet that mints the DIAMOND Goat.


Fomo Goats Roadmap

Create Collection

🐐 Create 10,000 Goats

🐐 Build Website

🐐 Marketing Strategy

🐐 Social Media


🐐 10k Instagram

🐐 10k Twitter

🐐 10k Discord

Private Minting

🐐 Open OG Barn

🐐 Private Minting

🐐 2k Goats: 0.01 ETH

Public Minting

🐐 Public Minting

🐐 7k Goats: 0.06 ETH

🐐 25% Sold
(10k given to BRONZE Goat)

🐐 50% Sold
(20k given to SILVER Goat)

🐐 75% Sold
(50k given to GOLD Goat)

🐐 100% Sold
(100k given to DIAMOND Goat)

Open MetaBarn

🐐 Close the Open Barn

🐐 Private Minting

🐐 500 Goats: 0.03 ETH

🐐 Close the OG Barn

🐐 Begin 1k Monthly Giveaway to Holders

🐐 Begin FOMO Goat Giveaway to Holders

Team Members



Sometimes my ideas are too big for my head…and I have a big head.

GOAT of Marketing

Owner of @Trippycrust @Lucidbuns and @whatspxppin

GOAT of Design

My mustache is better than yours.

Why Fomo Goats?

The value of the Fomo goats collection comes from its community. We plan to build a strong community of like-minded individuals to take over the metaverse. Because Fomo goats is built on the strength of its community we plan on giving back to its holders with rewards, giveaways and access. On top of that, 30% of monthly royalties are given to the Fomo Goats community with the other 70% being invested in the future of Fomo goats. Each member will have voting rights to decide on the direction of Fomo Goats which will take place within the METABARN. This will insure that we stay community-based and make decisions together that will benefit all Fomo Goat Holders.

Utility of Ownership

🐐 Access to the METABARN

🐐 Voting Rights within the barn

🐐 10% of monthly royalties distributed between FOMO GOATS

🐐 10% of monthly royalties distributed between rarity holders (Diamond Bearded Goats)

🐐 10% of monthly royalties given to one random FOMO GOAT each month

🐐 Access to the Metaverse METABARN

🐐 Invites to Exclusive Events

🐐 Invest 100k in bitcoin? Buy a bored ape? Build a virtual real-estate empire? It’s up to the Goats, there is no limit. DON’T FOMO, BECOME A GOAT.